Lumbarda outspreads around small bays and surrounding hills. It is situated 6 km from Korcula and can be reached by asphalt road winding through picturesque pine wood and olive groves. Lumbarda is surrounded by sand vineyards, and its specific soil and position on the southern part of the island are a winning combination for breeding a famous cultivar Grk.

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The work in vineyards is usually manual, with minimal application of pesticides which results in golden vine of crystal purity. The place has a little bit more than 1000 inhabitants and there is no industry on the island; only beaches, woods and small marina. People in Lumbarda practice agriculture. In this small Mediterranean settlement there still are numerous ancient Greeks and Romans remains. Lumbarda offers a beautiful view over the channel of Pelješac, whose light breeze refreshes during the summer which is also convenient for sailors. In the proximity of Lumbarda there is also an archipelago of twenty non-inhabited islands covered with thick macchia with flat stones for sun-bathing. The island of Badija is covered with pinewood stretching to gravel beaches on the northern and southern sides. Lately, the deer have been brought to this small island. This island had been inhabited in ancient times which s proved by many findings of stone Neolithic knives. Wealthy people from Korcula had been building their country-houses here since 16th century. Some of them are still preserved. Tourism is flourishing these days: in hotels, camps, private accommodation, sand, gravel and stone beaches, accompanied with good vine, fish, olive, music and dancing.